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California Habeas Corpus Petition

California habeas corpus petition was filed, Darren Chaker blogs about where the Ninth Circuit decided a Defendant is not entitled to federal habeas relief where state court finding that he did not unequivocally invoke his right to an attorney, was not an unreasonable application of federal law. In 1999...

Nevada Impeachment Using Prior Conviction by Darren Chaker

Article by Darren Chaker, Nevada law, motion to exclude conviction, use of prior conviction for impeachment, Ninth Circuit, federal appeal

Darren Chaker First Amendment Appeal

Viewpoint discrimination appeal, results in jailed blogger Darren Chaker being vindicated on First Amendment issues, where ACLU, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), First Amendment Coalition

Search Warrants Federal Law by Darren Chaker

Darren Chaker article on Search Warrants Federal Law, motion to suppress, recent cases, illegal search and authority to search a home, motel.

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