IronKey Encryption by Darren Chaker

IronKey is recommended by Darren Chaker as it provides the highest level of encryption and security. However, not every person requires a FIPS Level 3 rated encrypted USB drive. Typically reserved for Government agencies, and the corporate world to guard secrets, less expensive drives are available and becoming more main stream. Due to the ease and mobility of today’s USB drives, sensitive and valuable data stored within the USB drive can be easily lost or stolen. In an effort to combat the disadvantages of using standard consumer USB drives for storing sensitive data, several secure drives have been introduced to consumers without the high price tag, while securing information using military grade encryption. These secure, encrypting USB drives have helped businesses large and small transport their mobile data securely and confidently.

It is important to note using military grade encryption is only as good as the password, and the ability of the user to keep information security practices up to the standard of importance his data would require. Darren Chaker posted about computer security and privacy fundamentals that are still true today. Deciding to use software or hardware encryption is ultimately up to the consumer, and often dictated by policy.

Another nice common place addition to USB drives is the option of Windows to Go that allows the user a virtual desktop. With a virtual desktop, any computer can become a personal computer. This is particularly useful for business travelers who do not want to retain information on a stationary computer and take their data on the go.

The recent acquisition of IronKey by Kingston no doubt demonstrates security is here to stay and privacy will continue to be the norm for Government agencies, corporate conglomerates, and people like you and I.

IronKey USB Encryption Darren Chaker

Darren Chaker Ironkey USB Drive provides superior secuirty.