About Darren Chaker

Darren Chaker of Las Vegas and Beverly Hills, and former litigation assistant, is an avid blogger on criminal just, record sealing and First Amendment issues and some recent posts can be seen at http://darrenchaker.org/seal-court-record, http://darrenchaker.org/california-expungement-12034 and http://darrenchaker.us/fifth-amendment-password. Darren also enjoys promotes non-profit organizations such as the ACLU and various domestic violence shelters through his resources within the entertainment industry, including Jason Statham.

Darren also litigated a cutting edge First Amendment case for 7 of its 10 year lifespan. In Chaker v. Crogan, 428 F.3d 1215 C.A.9 (Cal.),2005, Cert. denied, 547 U.S. 1128, 126 S.Ct. 2023, invalidated a statute on First Amendment grounds and overruled the California Supreme Court‘s unanimous decision in People v. Stanistreet, 127 Cal.Rptr.2d 633. Soon after Chaker v. Crogan, it was also used to strike down Nevada’s analogous statute forcing the legislature to rewrite the law, but also used as the backbone authority in Gibson v. City of Kirkland, 2009 WL 564703, *2+ (W.D.Wash. Mar 03, 2009). Darren’s case continues to be a leading case on viewpoint discrimination.

Darren also enjoys traveling, being a phenomenal father, and forwarding his eduction with post graduate degree work.